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"The Queen of Trees"


  At Mandi’s Tree Care, LLC we strive to be honest, dependable, reliable, and will provide you with the highest quality work. 


Our professional staff will take excellent care of you!

 We will treat your property as if it were our own!


Proudly serving Union County and the surrounding areas for over ten years. This one hundred percent woman owned small buisness can handle any size or complexity job, with heavy equipment and decades of experience to back them up. You can rely on MTC to provide the highest quality work as safely and efficiently as possible.

Relax and let our expert crew do all the hard work.


Fun Facts

About Trees

     1. Bark of trees that grow in the shade is often thin, while bark of trees that grow in sunny places is thicker.

     2. Cottonwood seeds are able to stay airborne for days, which is much longer than any other type of seed.

     3. In terms of volume, a giant sequoia named General Sherman is the world's largest tree and may be the world's largest living thing.

     4. There are are 3.04 trillion trees on Earth, or about 422 for each person.

     5. Some trees seem to have the ability to talk to each other. For example, when willows are attacked by webworms, they release certain chemicals. Other willows then produce more tannin, which makes their leaves more difficult for pests to digest.

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