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Tree Preservation

Before you begin your project, keep your trees, shrubs, & plants in mind. There are ways to ensure that your trees will not be damaged by construction or other human activities.  Preservation will add financial value, environmental value and aesthetic value to your property.


Natural Pruning

A tree is an investment in your property that, if taken care of correctly, can last for decades. Professional pruning helps ensure a tree reaches its full beauty and potential while reducing the chance of problems as your landscape matures.


The general process of “dead wooding” is to remove dead, dying and diseased branches. The simple purpose of this is to make what’s known as the impact area (directly beneath the trees) a safer environment to be in, dramatically reducing the chance of any limb shedding or falling from the trees.



A canopy is an umbrella-shaped growth of branches and leaves at the top of a tree or group of trees.  A well-pruned canopy is both beautiful and healthy for the tree. 

It allows the tree to absorb as much sunlight as possible in tight areas and protects the tree from wind damage.